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How to Save Energy This Spring


The arrival of Spring brings an opportunity to reduce your energy consumption and ultimately save money with some simple Energy Savings Tips explained in this article.



Heating and air conditioning represent a significant portion of a home's overall utility cost, and they may be far higher than they should be if your house was not built with energy efficiency in mind. With today’s consistently rising energy costs, improperly sealed windows, ductwork, and poor insulation can pose serious problems for many home and business owners in Northern California.

Have your HVAC checked before the start of a new season

Your HVAC, which stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, should always be included in your spring cleaning and maintenance.  Take note that duct systems with loose connections and damaged parts result in energy waste as the conditioned air escapes through the cracks, forcing your HVAC system to work on full blast.

Maintain your furnace and air conditioning filters clean

Make sure that your furnace and air conditioning filters are clean so the airflow can easily pass through the air handler. It is important that the airflow is not constricted, which can cause significant energy loss and damage to the unit over time. 

Replace your old HVAC

The upfront cost of new, energy-efficient HVAC is way cheaper when you take into account the energy loss you accrue with the use of an old, underperforming system. In fact, one study has shown that an average home loses 25-30% of energy because of antiquated HVAC, which of course leads to staggering electricity bills. 

Invest in a programmable, smart thermostat

Studies have shown that on average, a smart thermostat can reduce your energy consumption by 23% as it adapts to your home’s energy needs, tracks your electricity requirement  (which makes you more conscious with your consumption), and allows you to program it even if you’re away from home (via mobile apps).

Use a portable humidifier

Not every part of the house needs a humidifier, especially the bathroom and kitchen. This makes a portable humidifier more cost-efficient and cheaper than having your entire home fitted with the system.  

Check your doors and windows

Sealing the gap around your doors and windows through caulking, stripling, and seal replacement can go a low way in terms of energy reduction as your HVAC system is not forced to work more than necessary.

Aside from significant energy reduction, sealing gaps and cracks also ensures a comfortable home environment.

Sometimes, installing storm doors and windows is also ideal to further insulate your house.

Install a radiant barrier in your roof and attic

To further prevent the conditioned air from escaping and at the same time insulate your house, install a radiant barrier in your roof and attic.

Check heating vents

Remove any furniture, drapes, etc. that obstruct the heating vents so the warm air can circulate properly. This also prevents straining your furnace and consuming more energy than necessary.

If you want to know more about reducing your energy consumption through HVAC maintenance and repair, Sharpline Mechanical can help you. This family-owned HVAC company has been serving residential and commercial customers in the greater Northern CA (NorCal) area for over 15 years. 

Sharpline Mechanical, Northern California’s HVAC Experts, provides complete HVAC service, repair, installation, replacement, and annual maintenance plans. Their focus is to create energy-efficient homes and establishments through the use of smart technologies and designs.

Currently, they have special offers that can help you with your HVAC needs.

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