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Simple DIY Hacks to Lower Your Energy Bill


An excellent way to save money is to look at your variable expenses, such as your electricity bill, which you can slash by half or even more with these simple DIY hacks. 


Conduct a home energy audit

The goal of an energy audit is to determine the places where you could reduce your electricity consumption. While you can hire a professional for this job, you can also do this with these simple hacks: 


Locate air leaks. Shut all windows and exterior doors, but leave all interior doors open. Then, light an incense stick and place it near common leak spots like window and door frames, vents, electrical outlets, and switch plates. If the smoke wavers, there is a draft. 


A damped hand can also detect a leak since any draft feels cool to the skin. 


Caulk or seal your windows and doors 

Caulking windows and doors not only gives them this new, finished look but also seals out air leaks and drafts that are the biggest energy “suckers” since they force your HVAC systems to work extra hard. 


Control energy vampires

Did you know that energy vampires, or devices that continue to suck energy even when they are turned off, account for up to 20% of your monthly electricity bill?


The quickest and simplest way to control these energy vampires is to unplug them. However, you may also consider using power strips that automatically cut off power when devices are not in use, or you can put them to sleep (computers and other electronic devices have this energy-saving feature). 


Keep your HVAC clean 

When your air filters are dirty, your HVAC system works more than necessary, resulting in higher electricity bills and overheating or shutting off. Clogged filters can also lead to poor indoor air quality, which is particularly problematic if you have asthma or allergies. 


To keep your HVAC clean, make sure that you regularly replace air filters and remove dust or debris in your AC and furnace. But for the highest system efficiency, you may want to hire a professional to clean your furnace, AC, and ductwork. 


On average, HVAC systems account for 35% of the home’s energy consumption. By making sure that your AC and furnace and their ductwork are working properly, you can keep your electricity bill low. 


Repair Ductwork 

You can tell if your air ducts are leaking if there is uneven heating or cooling, your energy bill spikes up for no apparent reason, the rooms feel “stuffy,” and some parts have dents or other visible signs of wear and tear. 


Depending on the type and extent of the problem, repairing damaged ductwork may require some simple DIY hacks or professional help. 


Use LED Lighting 

According to a study published by the Energy Information Administration, on average, lighting accounts for 18% of the energy consumption in US households. 


To see a significant reduction in your energy consumption, you can replace your traditional bulbs with LED lighting, which uses up to 90% less electricity than conventional designs. Also, they don’t release heat, which further reduces your cooling cost. 


Choose Energy STAR Appliances 

First things first: Energy Star is the only government-approved energy efficiency label. 


Studies have shown that Energy Star appliances use 10-50% less energy than their standard counterparts. To further reduce your energy consumption, make sure that your heating and cooling units also have this label. 


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